Local SEO – How it Helps Your Business?

A website might help you reach the entire world online. But, local SEO concentrates on improving your local search engine rating. Today, when people are attempting to connect to the other side of the world more frequently online than offline, it’s worth investing in local SEO. The likelihood of your business surviving is increased if your local audience can find you online. 

In this blog, we have discussed briefly about local SEO and how it helps your business. 

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a type of search engine optimization (SEO) that makes your company more noticeable in Google’s local search results. It helps any company that operates locally or serves a specific area. Local SEO may assist you in expanding your organization if you conduct a Google search for any significant keywords associated with your business and a map pack – a collection of three listings – displays beneath the map. 

As per Google:

  • 28% of local product searches end in a purchase.
  • Location-related searches make up about 30% of all smartphone searches.
  • 78% of consumers who use their phones to look for local businesses do so within a day.

Google Business Profile is one of the ranking factors of your business. A local listing containing details about your company is called a Google Business Profile. It lets your company show up in Google Maps and the map pack and is free. A Google My Business account is the exclusive way to claim ownership of your Business Profile and gain managerial control over it.

According to the survey, 36% of SEO experts believe that the most significant ranking element for the map pack is your Google Business Profile. Furthermore, 6% think it’s critical for “regular” organic results.

How Does Local SEO Work?

Google displays two different kinds of search results for local queries, which makes local SEO a two-sided game. These results are classified as “map pack” and “blue link” organic results, and both of them make ranking quite possible. 

  • Map Pack Results – A map and the top local business listings are displayed in Google SERPs “map pack,” also known as the “local pack.” When someone searches locally on Google, it frequently shows up right at the top of the results.
  • 0rganic Search Results – We are all aware of the “ten blue links” as the “regular” organic search results. Usually, they show up beneath the “map pack” results.



How Does Local SEO Help Your Business?

Local SEO benefits both small and large businesses by driving targeted traffic to their websites, improving their visibility, and driving up sales. Any company that wishes to be competitive in an ever-changing digital ecosystem must get strong local rankings.

Benefits of Local SEO for businesses – 

  • Attain the intended audience

    Search engines will prioritize your site higher in the SERPs when users are looking for products or services similar to what you provide if you optimize your website and content with relevant local keywords and phrases.

  • Boost awareness

    – It is simpler to improve your website’s visibility inside the target market of nearby potential clients by using targeted local SEO tactics. Over time, as more people discover and interact with your business on the internet, its visibility will also rise, contributing to better SERP ranks.

  • Boost communication

    By offering tailored experiences depending on a customer’s location or interests, businesses can strengthen their relationships with current clients. Recommendations for products that are pertinent or discounts that are specifically customized to a certain area promote brand connection and encourage repeat business.

  • Increase lead generation

     Lead generation and conversion rates are significantly increased by local SEO since it makes firms more visible in localized searches.


Local SEO is great for businesses like restaurants, bars, lounges, clubs, and diners. If you are a business in the UAE and looking to expand your business within the region, contact Rewind Production for comprehensive local SEO guidance and services. 

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