2D and 3D Animation Studios in Dubai

Professional 2D & 3D Animation Studios in Dubai

Animation is the best way to convey engaging and informative content. Rewind Production is the best 2D & 3D animation studios in Dubai, producing high-quality animation videos and explainers for a wide range of industries. We employ a team of artists, designers, writers, animators, and technicians who collaborate on a particular project to produce high-quality corporate and advertising animated content. 

2D and 3D animation studio Dubai is a highly diversified field that requires skilled and experienced individuals to offer incredible outcomes. We create animated videos for promotion, brand visualization, architectural animation, logo design, procedure explanation, motion graphics, etc.

How Do We Animate?

With our animation team, we take pride in providing excellent services in Dubai. Before beginning the process of animation, we take time to closely understand our client’s goals, vision, objectives, and target audience – this ensures we create a masterpiece that resonates with the audience, in addition to reflecting your brand. 

  • We start the animation process with the development of a concept, script, and storyboard. 
  • Then, our animation graphic designer creates the elements of your video that include – characters, backgrounds, and other assets. 
  • Once the visual is created, the next step is to add sound effects and music to enhance the experience. 
  • Lastly, we add the final touch at the time of editing to ensure the video meets our client’s goals. 

3D Animations are Stunning

Your potential customers are more likely to watch a video about a product than read a whole bunch of jargon and long paragraphs. Thus, visuals are more effective than words in conveying your message. A bright, colourful, and glossy 3D animation grabs the audience’s attention!


Animations are fun to watch. Thus, they provide engagement and enhance participation. Your audience will feel more connected to your brand and products or services. It also helps recall your brand identity - as videos and animations have a long-lasting effect on your audience.

Explain Ideas in a Much Faster Way

Today, people don’t really have time to read the lengthy product descriptions. Hence, visuals can help you convey your ideas faster. Usually, videos are 20-30 seconds - which is very effective in explaining your product or services you have to offer. This helps your audience to comprehend what your product is all about - thus making them your customers.

Boost Conversion Rate

When people see video content, they are more likely to spend their time on the website rather than just bouncing off. Also, most of the website visitors are more likely to take action - whether to fill out a contact form or buy a product/service. Animation videos boost conversion rate while engaging the customer.


We specialize in 2D and 3D animation, crafting captivating visuals for entertainment, education, advertising, and architecture. Our creative team delivers tailored, cutting-edge solutions on time, every time.

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Q1. Which is better - 2D or 3D animation?

 It always depends on the personal choice of an individual - it’s all about what your audience would prefer. However, people who are artistic in nature prefer 2D, whereas people with more technical minds prefer 3D animation.

Q2. Is 3D design good for business?

Ans. 3D designs can bring ideas to life - making it easier for the customer to visualise the idea in a realistic manner. Thus, giving you space for more business.

Q3. What is the difference between 2D and 3D animation?

2D animation uses vectors - that are pathways with a start and an end point connected by lines. Whereas, 3D animations are three-dimensional (as the name suggests).