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Android App Development Company Dubai

Leading Android App Development Company in Dubai: Want us to build your custom App?

Looking for the best Android app development company in Dubai? Rewind Production is the best Android app development solution in Dubai. We are one of the leading digital transformation companies in the industry and are renowned for building business-oriented Android applications in Dubai for various businesses.

Android users are getting larger in number with each passing day. Hence, this requires businesses to come up with Android applications that match their ideal customer. Thus, we are here to help you with your Android app development company in Dubai. With a team of experts, we ensure your Android apps are robust and of fine quality, which performs swiftly across all Android devices. Therefore, we are the one-stop solution for all your Android app requirements in Dubai.

Why Choose Rewind Production for Android App Development Company in Dubai?

At Rewind Production – the best Android app development solutions in Dubai, we offer custom-built Android applications that match your business goal and fulfill all your requirements. With the help of the latest technology, we develop a high-end product that gives your user a seamless experience. Our experienced UX/UI developers and photographers deliver the most engaging and interactive designs to give a user-friendly experience.

Also, we have a dedicated quality assurance team that does rigorous testing to ensure the end product is the best. Our QA team ensures the application is free from bugs and is high-performing. In addition, we offer consultation and discuss your project. Let’s connect and discuss your needs and requirements.


We understand your requirements first - the company’s goal, vision, and target audience. Then, come up with a basic layout of the application and its features. Once you confirm, we will move to the second of the Android app development.


Before building an application, we determine the solution that the app will provide. During this stage, we create a plan of action and work on the software and hardware requirements.


Our design team comes up with the user interface and user experience that is sent over to the developers. Also, we sent a copy of the design to you for confirmation. Upon confirmation, our developers start building the application.


In this stage, your Android application is ready, but it requires a quality check. So, our QA team will test the app and ensure it is ready for the end-user as well. Once the app is deployed, we ensure the application is updated as per the market trends.


Q1. How much does it cost to develop an application in Dubai?

The cost of mobile application development depends on the complexity, number of features, and other factors. Always ensure to talk about your requirements in detail with the company.

Q2. What is the best programming language to develop an android application?

The best programming language for android app development is the good old plain C. 

Q3. Why use Android app development?

Android app development offers a competitive edge to companies. One of the best advantages of having an Android application is Reduced Time to Market.