Types of services we provide

IT Technical Support

A Comprehensive IT Support for Your Business

Rewind Production is one of the best IT technical support services in Dubai. We provide a comprehensive solution to all your IT problems. Thus enhancing your business security, efficiency, and connectivity. Businesses require the benefits of information to remain competitive in the market. Technology has advanced today and is used as an integral component that helps businesses run their operation as smoothly as possible. You can also say – that big companies wouldn’t have reached their potential if they had not tapped into the IT industry. 

IT support has become an integral part of business these days, as it helps in their daily operation, which helps them offer the best services to their clients. Explore this service, including best Website AMC services.

Virus Protection

Several viruses keep crawling the internet, ready to attack your system anytime. Thus, to ensure your system and network are safe from viruses, we implement the best virus protection software. These antiviruses keep your system safe by automatically blocking pop-ups and spam coming from any malicious or shady websites.



Firewalls serve the purpose of a barrier between the internal and external network. Thus monitoring and controlling incoming and outgoing data based on predefined security protocols.


User Authentication

We ensure proper user authentication to ensure your organisation is safe by only allowing verified and authenticated users to access company networks. This helps add a few extra hoops to ensure the users are who they say they are.

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)

VPNs protect sensitive and confidential data by encrypting data transmission between the user and the network. Thus, it allows remote users to access the company’s data securely without the fear of security breaches.


IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection Systems/Intrusion Prevention System)

These tools monitor real-time traffic and alert the administration about potential threats and breaches. IDS identifies the threat, and IPS works on blocking those threats.


Zero Trust Architecture

Zero Trust enforces strict access control, continuously evaluates trustworthiness, and verifies identities for users and devices used inside the network perimeter. Thus reducing the attack surface and enhancing overall network security.

Want to Know More About Our Expertise?

Our expertise lies beyond the security services, which are network types. Here are some of the network types that we cater to diverse needs – 

  • LAN (Local Area Network) – A LAN is a group of computers that shares a common communication link within a particular geographic area. It enables the users to connect to the internal servers, websites, and other LANs that belong to the same Wide Area Network (WAN). Thus, it helps communication among the systems in an organization. 
  • WAN (Wide Area Network) – WAN offers a direct communication mechanism between satellite offices or two or more geographically diverse locations. It helps bridge the gap by building exceptional communication.


  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) – A Metropolitan Area Network allows individuals to connect to LANs. It is far more comprehensive than LAN and offers more tight security than WAN. Also, it enhances data handling efficiency while increasing data transfer speed. 
  • PAN (Personal Area Network) – A PAN helps ensure that the connection is stable and reliable. Also, it provides easy data synchronization between various devices. 
  • CAN (Campus Area Network) – As a business, it is important to have access to all the necessary data, which can be possible with the help of CAN. In addition, CANs provide high-speed connectivity for devices within the network. 

Our expertise and years of experience ensure your business is properly secured and safe from all evil acts. So, if you want to safeguard your data and confidential information and keep your business running smoothly with our IT technical support services, book a call with us and talk to our experts now!