Search Engine Optimization is not just technical work but also an art. After years of research and practice, SEO services in Dubai have reached expertise in the area.

Types of services we provide

Search Engine Optimization “SEO”

Search Engine Optimisation


For more than a decade, Rewind Production has been at the forefront of helping businesses across various industries expand their online presence to boost revenue. We possess invaluable experience and a treasure trove of client success stories, making us the go-to choice for the best SEO service providers in Dubai for businesses of all sizes. 

Why Choose Rewind Production?

  • We create a unique SEO plan that aligns with your specific business needs.
  • We optimize essential elements such as title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, and internal linking to enhance your website’s visibility.
  • We dig deep into your industry to identify the most effective keywords and market trends.
  • Our expert copywriters create engaging content to keep your site fresh and encourage return visits.
  • We closely examine your competition to identify opportunities for improvement
  • We build trustworthy backlinks on diverse domains with high domain authority.
  • We combine organic SEO techniques for long-term results with the option of quick wins through paid advertising (PPC).
  • To give you better insights on data and trends, we use Google Analytics and other tools to understand what your audience is looking for so that you make informed decisions, rather than rational ones. 

What Makes Rewind Production the Best SEO Agency in Dubai?

Local SEO services involve more than just website optimization. It has a wide range of options,
the first of which is creating an engaging company profile.

Dedicated SEO Professionals

We firmly believe in simplifying the complex and overwhelming process of seo services for our Dubai clients. We achieve this by assigning each client a dedicated point of contact who will oversee your project. This approach fosters a deep understanding of your business and unique needs, ensuring a partnership where you know your SEO professional, and they know your business inside and out.


Transparent Reporting

We provide comprehensive, customized reports that allow you to witness firsthand how our efforts are boosting your online revenue. We make use of Google Analytics to check your numbers - as SEO is all about the numbers.

Strategy Driven SEO services in Dubai

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a game-changer for businesses, but only when it’s executed correctly. At our SEO agency in Dubai, we don’t leave success to chance. Instead, we base our strategies on meticulous research and proven data, ensuring measurable results every time.


While some of the best SEO companies in Dubai rely on outdated methods, our team of experts conducts a comprehensive analysis of your business, website, and target audience. This data-driven approach forms the foundation for a customized strategy that guarantees the best outcomes.

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How much does SEO cost in Dubai?

The cost of SEO in Dubai depends on what you need. As SEO is a vast concept, we break up the cost according to your specific needs.

Can you DIY SEO?

DIY SEO is something you can definitely do, but for a full-fledged SEO hiring the best Search Engine Optimisation agency in Dubai is important.

Why is SEO expensive?

There are many reasons why SEO is expensive. Some of them are -

  • It takes time to show the result.
  • It requires resources to start a campaign
  • The expertise of our professional SEO executives