WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin Development in Dubai

At Rewind Production, we offer the best WordPress plugin development in Dubai. We help you add several custom WordPress plugins to your website. Our plugin creation services create your plugins using cutting-edge WordPress API integration approaches and tried-and-true methodology. We create plugins that provide much-needed features without interrupting the original site functionality. 

Websites that are created using WordPress acquire engagement, indulgence, and customisation capacity. Thus bringing diversification to your website. A set of features that makes your business simpler to find in search engines and a set of features that satisfies specific requirements of your business model are the two types of features you must have on your website.

Why Do You Need WordPress Plugins?

You need plugins for your website because they ease the pressure on generic software solutions. They provide users the freedom to add the features they need. Also, these plugins don’t change the underlying code, making it simple to add or remove them without having an adverse effect on the overall functionality of the software. However, plugins do require routine updates to make sure they are compatible with the most recent OS version, just like conventional software – we do that as well! 

To maintain their work when connected software receives security or functional updates, plugin developers must keep supporting their creations. Plugins will eventually stop functioning if they give up on the project because subsequent software versions will have outpaced their design foundation.

What Makes Us Different?

Plugin Planning

Our experienced team works to provide result-driven plugin development. Thus taking care of the ROI. We analyse and study your business at the time of researching and planning your plugin requirement. Our team then plans the feature that will be added to the website to improve its functionality.

Coding and Development

Once the planning has been done, our developer moves on with the coding process. We divide the coding process into various processes, which ensures we develop a high-quality plugin.


When it comes to testing, we ensure the final output is properly tested before we insert it into the website. During the testing phase, our team corrects or modifies any changes required to match the quality you are expecting.

Why Choose Rewind Production?

We make every effort to make plugin development robust and scalable. Our management and technical teams provide ongoing assistance to you as needed. Your work is managed by a knowledgeable development team, which results in time and money savings for the creation of plugins. As a result, we increase the cost-effectiveness of plugin insertion without sacrificing their quality. 

So, ready to amp up your website game? 

Talk to our experts to create an amazing and seamless website experience with plugins!


How much does a custom WordPress plugin cost?

Several factors determine the cost of the custom plugin. Hence, deciding on the exact cost can be quite challenging. A basic plugin might cost you around 500-800 USD (approximately).

Can I sell my WordPress plugin?

Once your plugin is ready to use, you can either sell it or share it by uploading it on an online marketplace or your website.

Can I licence my WordPress plugin?

 Yes. You can do it by logging in to the developers portal and going to the licence tab. Usually, a WordPress plugin development company does that for you.